Boytoy arrives to play

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Description: This is the sequel to the day when I was anticipating Jason's cock. If you remember, I had to settle in giving Jimmy a handjob to quiet him up before Jason came to the room. My pussy was already so wet with anticipation as I talked to Jimmy about Jason while in the process of 'hand-jobbing.' What a relief when Jason finally showed up. Luckily, Jimmy didn't take too long to cum, as I would have stopped immediately and made myself available for Jason instead. I waited for Jason on the bed pantyless as always waiting to get fucked. I started out with giving him a blowjob, which Jimmy was so jealous of. Remember, I didn't dare wrap my lips around his cock, but it was the first thing I did with Jason's cock.

Our intimate sexual adventure was defined as a much needed one for me in that it was without remorse on my part in making Jimmy feel jealous. I figured he gets to have my pussy whenever he wants, for the most part, but in this case it was all about me. My pussy creamed all over Jason's cock as he fucked my woman hole, and Jimmy knew just how satisfying Jason's cock was feeling to me. In the end, I was one satisfied wife and Jason was one satisfied guy who shot his cum all over me, or rather my glasses and face, to show Jimmy that he made his mark on me. My pussy is already so wet as I write this! Maybe I will have to finally give into my husband Jimmy and let him have my pussy... then again... maybe I should call Jason again ;)

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