Flashing hot guy to get laid

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Description: I have been feeling stressed lately, so Jimmy and I took a very short getaway. My getaway started out with a nice massage at the spa, and upon getting rid of every knot in my body at the conclusion of my massage, I felt like a new person: relaxed and hornier than ever! Once nighttime rolled around Jimmy and I wanted to check out one of the bars. I had put on a hot tight outfit consisting of a tube top and a tight miniskirt without panties. My primary goal was to get laid by some random guy that I would happen to be attracted to. Well, my objective was easily achieved once we were at the bar and some hot stud kept on checking me out as I nonchalantly exposed him my pussy. He then joined our table where I flirted with him and sat on his lap (I felt his hard bulge poking at me!). At that point I couldn't wait to take him back to my room fast enough as my pussy was super wet. My teasing him at the bar caused him to fuck me really good, as after all, a pantyless slut like me deserved it. I satisfied his cock not only once, but twice!

Lucky Guy

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