1st time with Mitch and I swallow it

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Description: Who thought I would have hooked up with Mitch Adams. Before Mitch began flirting with me at the gym, I didn't know he had this thing for MILFs. I learned he used to have his own site a while back, which featured him picking up and fucking hot MILFs. Well, his flirtatious behavior at the gym while working out left me very wet and horny. I had to tell Jimmy, who was there at the gym with me, that we would have to do something about it, therefore needing to following Mitch back to his place right after working out to relieve our sexual tension. When we got to Mitch's place, our fun took off right in his living room (we never made it to his bedroom).

After he ate my pussy out, giving me an incredible orgasm, I decided it was finally time to get him to fuck me. Mitch wasn't going to last long fucking me with his hard cock, so he asked me to finish him off by sucking on his cock. I sucked his cock, and watched his cock explode cum all over himself, but not wanting to waste any of that cum, I decided to suck the remaining cum out of his cock and then lick him clean of any cum on his muscular body. Mitch's cum tasted so good, not to mention that it is the best form of protein, which I needed due to my strenuous workout at the gym earlier. After realizing how much he misses MILF pussy after having mine, it might be time for Mitch to get back to having another site and living out his true fantasies with fucking hot MILFs.

Mitch Adams

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