Friend helps with home project pt. 2

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Description: **PART 2** This video update is a little different in the fact I posted it in two parts: The first part is of Jimmy and I, and the second part is of Romeo and I, needless to say, I was in total ecstasy. I guess now would be a good time to tell you how we came to posting this video in two parts. Recently, I had been trying to get Jimmy to paint one of our bedroom walls so that I would have a better backdrop for my webcam shows. Not to mention I was really sick of the plain white walls and thought we needed some color to give our bedroom some design element (Yes I have been watching home shows after home shows on TV). Well as like any guy, Jimmy needed to be persuaded into doing some home projects, so I thought if I told him I would reward him after with a blowjob, I would finally get some home projects done by him. As soon as I told him my proposition, Jimmy quickly grabbed the keys to our truck and asked me if I was coming with him to get the paint.

Here is where this video is unlike any other we have done before. You see, I have been after Jimmy to teach me how to edit the videos, and I thought I would try my hand at hosting a home improvement show, so to kill two birds with one stone, or something like that, I brought along the video recorder to capture some video of our home project. I tried to capture Jimmy in action for this video of mine, but as you will see, in the end I missed the most important part of what would be the show... the part where Jimmy actually paints the wall! Well needless to say, Jimmy was done with his part, so I had to reward him with that Blowjob I had promised!! Watch as Jimmy gives me my reward as he cums all over my face and in my mouth in Part 1!

Now on with Part 2, for this I will need to do a little bit of a back tracking: Jimmy needed help with moving some of the heavy furniture to paint the bedroom, so he called Lex, one of our new friends (You might remember him from some of my videos). Lex had planned on coming over to help, but at the last minute had to call and cancel due to family issues. So with no body else there to help, Jimmy had me help with moving some of the furniture (boy was it heavy). When we finally got all the furniture moved, I stepped out of the room and ended up trying to call someone else to help him after. The only one I could get in touch with was my personal trainer Romeo, with whom I talked very erotic with just to get him to come over to help Jimmy. Needless to say, I also offered up my body, which I was so happy and willing to do, so that Romeo would help Jimmy move the furniture back and I wouldn't have to. I also had alternative plans of having his hard cock satisfy some sexual urges I acquired while at the home improvement store with Jimmy (There's something about guys at the home store that start my pussy juices flowing uncontrollably).

Anyway, in the middle of me satisfying Jimmy with his reward, Romeo rings the doorbell and startles Jimmy and I. I get up to go answer it, knowing that it must be Romeo, and thinking to my self that soon I would have his cock to satisfy too! When Romeo enters the room, Jimmy can already tell I planned it, but is happy nonetheless to have Romeo there to act as a cameraman. Another first in this video, is the fact that Jimmy actually gets satisfied first, before I get satisfied with another man's Cock! We all know that Jimmy always wants me, his naughty slut wife, to be used before he has his own way with me. But not in this video, he wants to be first. After Romeo played camera guy for Jimmy and I, it was his turn to be rewarded for coming over to help (I think it was me that was rewarded, but I will let Romeo think it was him). In this video, watch as Romeo uses me in every position before cumming on my ass and having it drip all over my used swollen pussy lips. If you like cum shots, this is the video for you!!!!! I also want to let you know one secret that is not captured in either one of these videos, and that is, Jimmy did use my stretched pussy as soon as Romeo and I were done with our fun!! I knew Jimmy couldn't resist indulging himself fucking my used pussy right after another man had used it, he likes it too much!


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