My first DP! Well... kind of.

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Description: You all wanted me to do another anal scene, so here it is! You also wanted me to do a DP so here that is as well, well kind of. You see, I have never taken two cocks at the same time before. So before doing so, I wanted to make sure that I would be able too. To test myself, I had decided I was going to let Jimmy fuck my ass as I played with one of my big dildos. As Jimmy was fucking my ass, I would insert the dildo into my pussy. If I could handle that, I would be ready for my DP adventures with two cocks! So with my plan in action, I made Jimmy's day when I approached him and asked him if he would like to fuck my ass. I told him my reason for wanting him to fuck my ass, and like a child that was offered the keys to a candy store, he had a grin that told me he was more than willing. Jimmy, like most of you guys, has always wanted me to do a DP. Well, after the experience I had doing this video, I'm going hunting for another new cock to do that DP with! Any volunteers?

Jimmy Sinclair

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