Flashing in traffic induces orgasm

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Description: This was one fun flashing time I had as after coming into grips with just how bored I was during stop-and-go traffic on the highway. You see, I was the driver as Jimmy sat in the passenger seat. What first started as flashing my tits at Jimmy turned into flashing other guys. Even one hot young chick caught a glimpse of my tits as she did a double take, only to give me a smile and a positive nod with her head. My pussy was so wet from the excitement that I actually played with my pussy intermittently.

What really got me excited was to see a guy driving a commercial vehicle next to me catch me in my naughty behavior. He drove alongside me for a while with a huge smile as we alternated back and forth between lanes. Every so often I could see his tongue drool out of his mouth from behind the glass window and that's when I decided to get off the very next exit and pull into a commuter parking lot, to see if he would follow me. Yes, he did, and he followed me right into the parking lot and pulled alongside my window as I lowered it. When he finally parked right next to me, I turned to him giving him a better view of my tits and then I even adjusted my position on the seat so he could get the best possible view of my pussy, which in turn gave him the ultimate thrill (making me hornier than hell, not to mention dripping wet). I told him where he could see more of me after it seemed he was somewhat in a hurry, and so I hope he checks me out on my website. <p>In the meantime, as soon as he pulled away, I spread my legs open in a comfortable position and had to get myself off as I played with my pussy. Needless to say, the relief from my orgasm was well worth waiting for. Jimmy got his when we finally reached home and I was able to spread my legs for him as we reminisced about my naughty behavior on the road! I just want to say one thing in closing, and that is, you should always be on the look out for women flashing on the road, so many men miss the opportunity of public nudity just by not turning their heads to view the driver next to them. Thank you to all the men who do catch me being naughty in my car, you really get my juices flowing! Thanks ;)
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