Deep massage from Jason

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Description: This is the second part of what has now become a routine part of my weekly massages with Jason “Magic Hands”. Jason not only gives the best “Happy Ending” massages, but he has the perfect cock for worshipping! In this part, you will see me climb up onto the massage table and ride Jason's cock, until the sound of what we thought was the table breaking. Then I climb off Jason and make him cum using my "Magic Hands!" I have a feeling Jason just may turn out to fill my need for a regular Boy-Toy, as he has everything I look for in a Boy-Toy. Great looks, Great body, Great cock, and last but not least, he knows how to use his Great hands to maximize the pleasure he gives with them.<p> This video was done because Jason and I had talked about my want to invite my husband Jimmy into the room, while I received a massage from Jason. Jason and I had already flirted many times before this recorded video, so I had asked Jason if he mind if Jimmy taped our flirting ways so I could put on my website a video of what most women fantasize about often while getting a deep tissue massage from such a hot looking stud like Jason. I don’t know who has it made more… Myself for having such a hot masseur that gives the “Happy Ending” massage, or Jason, whom has at his fingertips a naughty slut wife, whom is willing and able to satisfy in return? Now let me get going here, as I feel a few knots that may need to be worked out in the next day or two. Now where is that damn phone to schedule that next massage? Oh to be stressed.

Lucky Guy

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