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Description: I had such an exciting night! Jimmy and I went to see a rock concert, but I can't quite tell you which group we saw, as this would totally give it away, and upon seeing my naughty adventure on film, you would understand why. So anyway, I dressed in a skimpy outfit: tube top, skirt, and heels (literally, these were the only three articles of clothing I wore). We sat pretty close to the stage, allowing me to flash my tits and pussy at the band. I must have gotten noticed as once the concert was over, a security guard came over and asked Jimmy and I if we would like to join the band backstage for a vip afterparty, of which Jimmy and I naturally accepted.

Once we arrived at the after party, the band wasn't present just yet, so Jimmy and I mingled and had a few drinks. When the band arrived, the lead guitarist of the band came over and introduced himself. It was at that point he told me he enjoyed the view from the stage, as much as I probably enjoyed the concert itself. I had to agree with him, and that was when the flirting hit its high point of which led to him asking me with a whisper in my ear if I would like a personal tour of the tour bus. After I smiled back at him, I turned to my husband Jimmy and asked him loud enough for the lead guitarist to hear me ask him if it was okay for his naughty slut wife to check out the band's tour bus without him. Naturally, Jimmy just smiled and told the lead guitarist, \"I hope you know what you're in for.\" <p>On the tour bus, he showed me his bunk and it was at that point I gave him his first blowjob of the night, which he said I kind of owed him for teasing him the way I did. Once done, we headed back to the party, and he excused himself as he needed to talk to the band. As it turned out, the band members needed to get packed up and were going to drive over our house after to crash, as we were within a reasonable time distance away. The part I didn't mention yet was that I had already offered myself as a naughty slut wife to get gangbanged by all of them. So, the lead guitarist drove with Jimmy and I while the band was going to meet up at our house as soon as they were all packed up. <p>Once we arrived at my house, I got super flirty with the lead guitarist, leading to him stripping down to his underwear and shirt as he was serenading me on his guitar in the bedroom. He wanted a repeat of what happened earlier on the bus, except with the addition of catching it on film when I told him I have a naughty website. He agreed, but of course, his face had to remain undisclosed. Once I gave him another awesome blowjob, we took it to the bed where I finally got fucked by his delectable cock. The rest is history when the remaining band showed up and I got gangbanged. What a night it was, and my pussy throbbed throughout the rest of the next day.

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