Now that's a good friend!

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Description: For those of you viewing this video, you should know that what you are about to view, is a direct result of last week's video entitled: "Waiter Delivers Mouthwatering Dessert". You see, in order for me to get Jordan (the waiter) to allow my husband Jimmy to video tape our fun time for the sake of putting it up on this naughty little website, I had to make a deal with him. The deal was that for one solid week he would be able to use my pussy whenever he wanted. What I didn't realize was that Jordan had other conditions to our deal of which I wouldn't know about until they came up... sort of speak... hehe! Anyway, this video, was one of those hidden conditions. Jordan, as usual, came over after work; but this time he brought a friend of his along to share in his bountiful sexual bliss. It turned out that his friend, named Jay, had just fought with his girlfriend and to make him feel better, Jordan thought I could give him a blowjob. Well as anyone knows, I am a sucker for a sad story and a hard cock, so after hearing about Jay's dilemma with his girlfriend, I too decided he needed cheering up, and my mouth was just the tool to do the trick. I think that after you view the video, you might just agree with me ;)

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