Barbi spreads some holiday cheer

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Description: I receive lots of emails from members of the site, some asking for advice on how to make their own wives more like me... A Naughty SLUT... some asking if I could send them a fan pic or two, but every once in a while I get one that asks for ME! This video features just that, a member asking if he could be in one of my adventures. What made this email stand out more than others I receive like it, was the fact that not only did this member send me an email, but his friends did as well. The member, who's name is BEN, sent me one of the nicest emails, commenting on everything from the way I dress to the way I trimmed up my pussy. He went into the seduction of what he would want to do to me if he ever met me in person, and let me tell you that part of his email was hot enough to make me start playing with myself.

The second email I received to this seduction was from Ben's friends. They wrote about how Ben talked about me all the time, adding in their email the fact that even when they were out with their girlfriends, Ben would make comments about how if Barbi was here, she would be the hottest woman in here and she would know exactly how to make them all want her by showing off her beautiful body. They also added that it seemed Ben was indeed one member who would be thankful just to meet me in person. I was so moved by both their emails that I sent one back to Ben's friends asking them if they thought I should indeed make Ben's wishes come true. After a few replies back and forth, we exchanged phone numbers. When they called, they talked about how I would make his lifetime if I did in fact meet up with him. I told them that Jimmy and I were in need of a little getaway, and that the weekend seemed perfect for an adventure, as we had no other plans.

Here is were I will tell you that, Ben had no idea of our plans, his friends thought that it would make for more of an adventure if they told Ben right before the surprise visit. When the night came to meet Ben for the first time, his friends called me to let me know they were at the sports bar inside the hotel. I then asked them to hand the phone over to Ben so that I could let him know that I was soon to add some Holiday Cheer to his life. I then told him I was in fact in the same hotel as he and that he should come up to the room alone. When Ben knocked on the door, Jimmy answered it as I was in what Ben requested in his email: Naked except for thigh-highs. Ben wasted no time in being in an adventure with me, as with-in three minutes he had his pierced tongue working on my clit, just as he described in his email (talk about turning me on!). When Ben gave me one of the most needed orgasms, I then returned the favor of oral pleasure by sucking on his cock. <p>Not wanting to make him explode before getting my pussy, I laid down on my back and spread my legs for him to enter me. The funny part of the video comes at the end, when Ben had difficulties taking off the condom and exploded in it before he could cum all over my ass like he wanted to! Ben and I had two orgasms that night. Jimmy caught some of the second ordeal, but seeing how he was using my pussy as I was giving Ben a blow/hand job, he only recorded the final part: when I made Ben cum all over himself and then I licked it off. I hope this video gives you some holiday cheer as well. Happy Holidays Everyone!

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