I let Carli fuck my husband

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Description: This is the second part of last week's video. If you remember, Jimmy and I went out clubbing with my best friend Carli and her husband Nick. Through out the night, Jimmy and Nick kept encouraging us to get wild on the dance floor. Of course, Carli and I started to get really flirtatious with all the cute guys in the club. I just want to add this little tidbit of information in here, by saying to all the guys out there: If you ever have a slut wife come up to you on the dance floor and tell you she isn't wearing any panties, that means she gives you permission to feel for yourself if she is telling the truth. I couldn't believe out of fourteen guys I told that to, only about half actually felt my pussy!!

Anyway, to get back to this video intro, by the end of the night we were all feeling pretty good. When we finally got home, the flirtatious acts had escalated into Carli's Husband Fucking me, (which happened in last week's video) and Carli getting fucked by my husband Jimmy (which is this video). It's pretty hot to watch your man fuck another man's wife, but as I told Jimmy, don't expect it too often. I usually don't like to share my man, not to mention I like to be the center of attention by being the SLUT!!


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