Cuckold's quickie interrupted

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Description: My poor hubby, he came home to get a “Nooner” and ended up leaving halfway through it. But you all know that my motto is: “New Cock Cums First!” Well the cock I’m talking about in this particular case isn’t new to my pussy, but it hasn’t been put there a lot either. You see, Steve, whom I only met a few days ago, was in the area and called while Jimmy and I were actually fucking on the bed. The funny thing is, I had set up the video camera to tape hubby giving me a dripping creampie (as a few of you members had requested just that). I couldn’t have planned it any better, as when the phone rang, I had to answer it when I saw it was Steve calling. While I answered the call, you will see hubby trying his hardest to get all of his “Nooner” in and reach orgasm. As I knew Steve was only around the corner from where we live, I told Jimmy that he would have to get dressed and leave to head back to work, as I continued my naughtiness by replacing hubby’s cock with Steve’s.

Hubby was a little upset, but I think turned on as well, as he asked me to leave the video camera set up and to get Steve to allow me to film the afternoon sexcapades. Jimmy left just in time, and as you will see, Steve was more than willing to be in focus in front of the video camera as it captured our naughty time together. I enjoy the times I get to be spontaneous, and this time you all get to see it unfold in front of your very eyes… sort of like Jimmy did when I sent him a clip of this actual video while he was “Hard” at work! Hehe

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