Friends exchange gifts for holiday

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Description: As with any Holiday Season, there are plenty of parties to attend, and gifts to hand out. This video in which you are about to view was taken right before Jimmy and I attend one of the many parties we had been invited to this year. This party I mention was one put on by good friends of ours and required us to make overnight plans at a hotel due to its location. When I found out that a mutual friend was also invited to the party, we made sure to make hotel reservations at the same hotel, making it easy to have some naughty fun before and after the party. Anyway, before the party and after we had checked into our room, we made our way down to our friend's room in order to attend the party at the same time (the party was located in one of the banquet halls of the hotel). <p>When we arrived at his room, he was still in the shower, so Jimmy started to play with his video camera while we waited… hence the mischievous posing I do at the beginning of the video. When our friend was finally done with his shower, he entered the room wearing only a towel. It didn't take too long for the towel to be removed, as he offered his cock to me as my Christmas Present… he-he! Who am I to not accept a gift from a friend, so I opened up and started to enjoy the holiday offerings that my friend so generously gave to me. I don't know if when he offered me his cock if he meant that his cock was my gift or the creamy goo that would eventually explode all over my face? But either way I got a gift I so enjoyed and now it is your turn to enjoy a Holiday Treat by watching me perform for you. Happy Holidays to all of you!

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