Sit down and let me take care of you

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Description: I know you had a long hard day at work, so please let me relax you. I'm well aware of how difficult it would be to leave you sexually frustrated as I head out on one of my dates. Therefore, why won't you sit back comfortably in the chair and let me do the work to leave you exceptionally satisfied. First my warm wet tongue caresses your hard cock followed by my luscious lips wrapping around every inch of your cock. The thought of me wearing my sexy sheer top and miniskirt for another guy swims in your mind as you know that my pussy will only get nicely used and stretched for you to use upon my return home.

Nothing else seems to matter as all other thoughts escape and the feeling of my mouth on your cock makes you want to cum, but you hold out as long as possible to endure existence on cloud nine. I am your slut that wants to satisfy you deeply, but in return knows that anything to please you will result in more fun and satisfaction for her own pleasure. Oh, wait a minute, I know you can't hold out any more and my mouth is ready to swallow it all! Mmm... it's so good that all I can do is suck you dry as I swallow it all! Ok, my job is done as now you're fully satisfied, and off I go out on my date as you wait for my return when I come back fully satisfied as well, but finally ready to get fucked by you.

Jimmy Sinclair

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