Eric gets his way

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Description: To say Eric got his way would be an absolute stretch of the truth, as it was clearly me that got my way with Eric. But seeing how Eric is into the whole bondage scene, I simple had to make it seem as though he was in complete control of the situation. Eric loves to have his way with me, and I think my husband Jimmy loves to see me bound and available to service as a sexual slave. I love the way Eric teases me into a sexual frenzy with all his obedience toys, so it seems the three of us all got something out of this adventure! I love the way Eric is so patient in the way he teases me, and to know that I am truly at his mercy as to when he sees the time to make me feel sexual pleasure or pain is truly a sexual rush that makes my entire body quiver with anticipation, not to mention it makes my juices flow freely out of my ever so wanting pussy. <p>Watch as Eric enjoys undressing me, teasing me, making me do things to him sexually, before he returns the favor of an incredible over the top orgasm that leaves my pussy at his mercy to fuck with great stamina and dominance. I get the reward of being able to swallow much of Eric's cum as he unleashes his built up orgasm into my waiting mouth! In the end, this adventure leaves me wanting to have another obedience class with Eric; I only hope that next time he may take even longer with his teasing techniques as to make me beg for sexual mercy!

Eric X

Age: 32
Body: N/A
Height: N/A
Hair: Brown
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Blue
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