Personal training gets physical

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Description: My fantasy has always been to seduce my personal trainer. Well, finally I had the opportunity to attempt it, as getting sexual in a public gym facility can be quite challenging, especially when people can come and go. This time, Jimmy came along with me to my training session as he wanted to document on film some of the exercises I do so that I can keep it for my own personal reference. It's always beneficial to revert to specific exercises in case you forget which ones to do. So, the timing was perfect for me to convince my trainer to ease up on me by me flashing my tits and pussy at him towards the end of the workout, as I was extremely fatigued with the strenuous exercises he had me doing. My trainer was tough and didn't sucker into my sexual physical innuendos, although I thought I could just about wrap anyone around my finger, including him. Boy, was I was wrong, but in the end, Jimmy was the one who fucked me right there in front of him, giving me a creampie as I was in doggie position on the mat. My trainer held the video camera, and I think in his own way he must have thought it was pretty damn hot. He's a professional, and wanted to keep it that way. It was hot regardless, albeit I would have rather been fucked by my trainer. Maybe I will be successful one of these days when he can succumb to my sexual ways.

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