Showing off waiting for boat

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Description: Making this video was a bit of surprise and spontaneity, but nonetheless a fun time. You see, Jimmy and I were suppose to be meeting our friend Chris and a bunch of his friends at a near-by boat launch to go out on his boat. While waiting, which turned out to be longer than we anticipated, Jimmy wanted to get some photos and video of me flashing in public; all of which he did. For the occasion, I wore a mini skirt and sport top with no panties or bra. I knew I was going on a boat ride with a bunch of men and wanted it to be very easy to flash them. This attire I had chosen to wear on the boat made it even easier to flash while waiting for Chris to arrive. While Jimmy and I sat on the boat launch, I sat in a way that made my pussy viewable to Jimmy and a few of the boaters near-by.

While doing this, Jimmy noticed an older gentleman walking down the boat launch towards us. Jimmy's only statement to me was to leave my legs open so that the gentleman would be able to get a nice view of my bare bottom. When the gentleman was nearer, we noticed that he was our next-door neighbor, Leo. We all laughed, as I made sure to keep my legs open to seduce him once again. We made small talk for a while, until Jimmy mentioned we get our things from the truck in anticipation of Chris arriving soon with the boat. When walking towards the truck, I asked Leo if he wanted to have some quick fun of the naughty kind. When Leo accepted my naughty suggestion, we headed for the truck, which seemed the only likely place to be able to partake in our adventure.

I thought I would start by giving Leo a blowjob, so I lifted my skirt and bottom up so that not only Leo would have a nice view, but Jimmy would as well, then I took Leo's hard cock out of his shorts and pressed my wet lips on the head of it. Just as I was starting to get really excited with anticipation of getting Leo's cock buried nicely in my wanting wet pussy, Jimmy noticed that Chris had finally arrived. Knowing that time was of the essence, I asked Leo if he wanted to finish up later that night when Jimmy and I would return from our boating adventure. I told him that the only thing he should know was that when I returned from the boating adventure, my pussy would be very stretched out due to being used by the guys on the boat. He asked me if I could at least finish with what I started, so I offered him a handjob & blowjob.

Leo was really into me servicing his cock with my mouth and at one point was actually fucking it. Talk about hot and erotic!! When Leo came, he didn't warn me, and exploded with a large amount of cum directly in my mouth. I swallowed most of it, but had a small amount of cum end up on my lips, of which I scooped up with my finger and fed it onto my tongue. When I was finished giving Leo an orgasm, I was really horny and couldn't wait to go out on the boat with Jimmy, Chris and his buddies. I had so many orgasms on the boat as the guys took their turns using me; but that is another video for which I will post very soon... I promise!!

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