A good wife satisfies husband first

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Description: A Good Wife always satisfies her husband before getting new cock… right? Well I did on this occasion at least! You see, Hubby broke his hand and finger while training at the gym, so he wasn’t up to going out dancing, and taking the chance of some drunk bumping into it and causing even more pain. I love to dance, and we had made plans to go to one of my favorite clubs earlier in the week, so I didn’t think I was going to be needed to stay at home and nurse Jimmy back to feeling better, so I asked my best friend Karen to go with me.

Jimmy was taking a bath in our guest bathroom to soak his hand as the ER doctor had instructed, and I got ready in our bathroom. I had earlier mentioned to Jimmy that I might ask Karen to go to the club with me, but I guess the pain meds he had taken made him forgetful, as when I walked into the bathroom he was bathing in, he asked me why I was so dressed up. I told him I was heading out to the club with Karen to dance and flirt. He was a bit upset that I would actually go out dancing and leave him home dealing with the pain from his broken hand and finger. What can I do to help with that? It was when Jimmy asked me to bath him that I really found out what he wanted… a handjob. I told him repeatedly that I was dressed with my makeup done and that Karen was waiting for me to pick her up. He kept on with this pity thing, so I did what any wife heading out to find new cock would do, satisfy her husband with a handjob and leave her pussy tight for the new cock that she would hopefully get to stretch her out. I took my sexy dress off so that I would not get it wet with either water or cum, and started stroking my hubby’s cock.

Within a short time, which I told him he had to be quick, as I had to get going in my search for new cock, which always seems to turn him on anyway, Jimmy blew his large load of cum all over my tits! I then quickly wiped off the cum and put my dress back on in order to get my naughty night going. I had such a great time that night at the dance club, which led to me and Karen both hooking up with four studs that took turns with the both of us all night and into the early morning hours. I sent Jimmy photos from my iphone all night. He must have stayed up all night waiting for the next photo, as when I finally got home, at 10am the next morning, Jimmy and I slept almost all day. I will try to post those naughty pics soon on the site. They might not be the best quality, but they sure do show the fun time I had!

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