Hubby in pain receives pleasure

  • Duration: 31:36
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Description: In this video you might think that I'm so cruel for teasing my man Jimmy, but in fact I wanted to temporarily take him away from the pain he was feeling. You see, Jimmy and I were at a pool party at which I constantly reminded him to put on sunblock, but he simply refused as he was busy, just like a little kid. By the time the pool party had concluded, Jimmy realized just how sunburned he was from his ignorance. When we got home, we had about an hour to spare before going out with Karen and her boyfriend. Jimmy decided last minute he wasn't feeling well, so he decided we were going to stay home. Umm... not on my account! I was looking forward to going out and being a slut with Karen, so even if it meant me leaving Jimmy at home while I had fun, so be it. I admit I was a little pissed at him, and so I teased him with my body and let him know what he was going to be missing out on. I did my wifely duty of at least giving him a handjob to temporarily take his sunburn pain away, which worked. (Just a little side note, please excuse the poorer quality of the video as our other camera shit the bed, and we had to get a new one. Needless to say, we returned it and purchased another one.)
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