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Description: As many of you all ready know, I love to be a slut with multiple cocks at a time! This video was supposed to be an adventure with just Lex and I, but when Jimmy found out Lex was coming over to have some fun with me, he too wanted to use my pussy. But first let me tell you how it all started: The day before this video was taken, I was at the mall trying to take advantage of the after Christmas sales. It just so happened I was wearing one of my favorite short mini skirts. Not intentionally thinking about doing anything naughty though, I kind of forgot I was wearing such a short skirt with no panties (as usual).

Anyway, I was in one of the more fashionable women's clothing stores and noticed a younger guy checking me out ever so discreetly. I found this to be a turn on so I made sure to flash him my pussy by bending over to check out a scarf on a lower shelf. God was I horny now, I waited till I was ready to try some clothes on to make my move. But just when I was about to ask him if he liked the flashes I gave him, this other girl approached him, I later found out it was his longtime girlfriend (I think she was actually in the dressing room trying on clothes herself when I was attempting to seduce her boyfriend). I was so horny by this time that I played with myself in the dressing room (pretending I was being used by this younger guy). Luckily it didn't take to long for me to orgasm and I then tried on the few things I was thinking about purchasing. Because at the cash register, I noticed the same young guy still checking me out, right in front of his girlfriend. I smiled and so did he. I noticed he tried to mouth something to me, but I couldn't make it out. When him and his girlfriend walked by me he secretly handed me a business card with his number on it; when I turned it over he had written on it: I will be thinking of you as I fuck my girlfriend tonight...Thank you!! P.S. CALL ME IF YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN!! WOW, now I was even hornier.

I left the mall quickly and called up Lex (my new boy-toy), but he was unable to meet me on such short notice, but he did offer to satisfy me the next day, of which I accepted! At home, I told Jimmy what had happened at the mall, which made him horny as ever too. He wanted to fuck my pussy right away, but I told him I would have to give him a handjob, because I needed to save my pussy for Lex who was going to be coming over the next day. The next day when Lex finally arrived, I asked him if he minded if Jimmy joined us to make it a threesome, he said he would love to share me and enjoy watching me service two cocks at a time (I later found out it was a fantasy of his). Now watch me service these two cocks with my mouth and pussy as I get them both to explode all over my face, giving me one of the largest cum facials I think I have ever had!!

P.S. When I called up that younger guy I meet at the mall, He wanted me to know that he was engaged to that girl with him at the mall, and that he was only looking to have some fun! When I responded that I was married and only looking for the same thing, I think I really made his day. When he asked if my husband knew, I had to laugh! He then asked me if I liked being a naughty slut wife and what I liked best about it, so I told him: I think the best part of being a naughty slut wife is just knowing that my husband loves to watch me indulge myself with cock other than his, anytime, anyplace I want to. I will keep you all posted on the adventures I have with this young guy... I promise!!


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BadMotherFucker 12 months ago

you're such a beautiful bbd whore

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