Naughty massage by Jason

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Description: You know I love Massages! You know I love Strong Hands! You also know I am Extremely Horny Around Good Looking Studs! So you know I was at my Naughtiest when it came to getting a massage from Jason “Magic Hands” at one of my favorite spas in Vegas! I hope I don’t torture you members as much as I did Jason during the part of this video where I am just laying on the massage table letting Jason use his “Magic Hands” all over my body as I lay with nothing much covering me but a little folded up towel. As you can see, he had the perfect view of all my goodies ;) Jason knows how to please me as he hits all those areas of my body that need attending to! Watch as Jason uses his “Magic Hands” to first tease me into frenzy, before actually getting rid of my horniness with the utmost attention to every fiber of muscle, before I let go with one of the most pleasurable orgasms of my life. What made the orgasm even longer was the fact I couldn’t be loud due to the thin walls of the massage rooms. I didn’t want to scream, as I would have gotten Jason into trouble and probably fired from his employment with the spa. I thanked Jason, by doing what was only right… To Be Continued Next Week!

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