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Description: Everyone knows I have a thing for hot young guys, also known as Boy-Toys. But what a lot of you don't know is that sometimes it may take several sexual rendezvous to make the sexual experience as good as it can get. You see, the problem with these younger guys compared to the older men I have sexual adventures with is that they sometimes don't have the experience or the knowledge of how to please a woman into sexual ecstasy. Another problem the younger guys have is that they lack the confidence of being great lovers.

Take in point Matt here in this video, after one great adventure in the back of my husband's SUV (see the video posted only a few weeks ago), where he definitely knew what he was doing, we talked on the phone and I found out he really didn't know what he was doing when it came to orally satisfying a woman. So after several phone calls of me trying to give instruction over the phone, (he has a girlfriend, so he wanted to try it out on here) I decided it would probably be best if he met me at a hotel my husband had booked for us for a weekend (talk about a sex filled weekend). When Matt finally showed up, I showed him my sexy naked body, pointing out the parts he needed to focus on, and then had him perform oral sex on me as I instructed him how to give the perfect orgasm to a woman. Needless to say, after that mind blowing experience (I don't know what was hotter, me instructing him how to eat pussy, or the fact that I had this younger guy eating out my pussy while my husband captured it all on video) I just had to return the favor by giving him a mind blowing experience, or should I have said, dick blowing experience.

Watch as I tease not only Matt's cock, but also my husband Jim's as well. If you like to see a slut wife being naughty with two cocks, then you are going to love watching this video. I don't take them on together, as I love to be used first by a stranger's cock, then after I'm finished with that one, I finally give into letting my husband use me as well!! Now the famous question is? Who wants to be next???

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