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Description: This video is just the first part of two very erotic interracial scenes. In this part, you get to see me give Slick (not his real name of course, but it is his nickname around the gym), a handjob before Jimmy and I have to leave for a dinner party. I only wish I had more time to really enjoy Slick's BBC, but the truth of the matter is, I really needed to get to a dinner party that Jimmy's Golf League puts on every year. Now let me tell you how it all started in the first place. You see, I had been to the gym earlier to do some cardio and work out my legs. I love to work out my legs whenever I'm going someplace like a dinner party, especially knowing I was going to wear a sexy mini-dress to this function (You know I'm an exhibitionist and always want to look great).<p> Well anyway, while doing legs I noticed Slick checking me out, especially when it came time for me to do the glute machine. When I was almost done with my last set, I once again caught Slick checking me out, so this time I smiled with a mischievous look. When he saw me smile, I guess he thought that it was an invitation to approach me. He started with some small talk, but being in a hurry, I just came right out and asked him if he liked what he saw. He smiled and said, \"Of course, but I notice you're married, so I hope you don't hold it against me for just looking.\" That was when I came right out and invited him back to my place, of course after I told him that my husband likes to watch and that I was up to it if he was. Well sit back, take out that cock of yours, put some lube on your hand, put your hand around your cock and start to stroke it as you start watching the first part of what turned out to be one great weekend of me indulging myself with some brand new BBC! (Ladies, pull down those panties, if you're wearing any, and start to moisten up that clit by gently applying pressure to it.) Enjoy yourself, and I will post part two very soon!

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