College crush never felt so good!

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Description: Watch as I enjoy an intimate encounter with someone that I so desired to have a sexual moment with years ago, but never had the opportunity to. You see, when I was back in college, I had a crush on one of my friends, Steve (he was on the college baseball team and was one of the college's most wanted studs). I wanted him so bad, but the problem was that he had a girlfriend, and he wasn't about to cheat on her no matter how bad I flirted with him. So anyway, I hadn't spoken to Steve since we both graduated and went our separate ways, and in fact, I figured by now he would have been married to his college sweetheart. Well, the funny part was, I recently received an e-mail from one of my members, which turned out to be Steve, stating that I looked like a girl he knew in college. When I asked him what college he went to, classes he took, and some mutual friend names, etc., I knew it was the Steve I had a crush on for the longest time.

When I told him that it was me, and it's funny because he always called me by my full name Barbara, he couldn't believe it was really me. I was so ecstatic when he told me he was going to be in the area on business, and that he would love to meet up with me, and no, he never married his college sweetheart, but rather he was single, which was even better! Well, when I finally met up with him in the hotel room where he was staying, we had some catching up to do, other than just talking. That night finally became the first night I was ever intimate with him, and wow, was it satisfying (I even forgot all about my husband Jimmy even being in the room). Just too bad we weren't able to go that route in the past of being friends with benefits. One thing I found really exciting about the first time being with Steve, was the fact that it didn't take him very long to cum (watch the close-up of him fucking me, and you will see his condom fill-up with cum). In the end, I should have just told Jimmy to get his own room, as I would have spent the night with Steve where we could have pleasured each other repeatedly the entire night.

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