Coach gives it to soccer mom

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Description: After assisting the coach's pre-game needs in my usual casual clothing (see video entitled: Soccer Mom Plays With Coach), I decided it was time for the coach to give it to me really good in my black sexy lingerie with fishnet stockings. You see, the coach was very much excited to have another sexual adventure with me and to make it even more exciting I had asked him what kind of lingerie really got his cock hard. He told me that he loved a woman in fishnet stockings and black was his color of choice. The very next game, I decided to slip a pair of fishnet stockings into my purse to tease the coach into another sexual rendezvous. After the game I asked the coach over to my car and asked him if he could give me the name of a good athletic store for buying soccer shin guards. This was a blatant attempt to have him see the package of fishnet stockings in my purse as I opened up my purse in front of him for a pen and piece of paper. To further assist in seducing him, I asked him to hold the package of stockings as I tried to search in my purse for a pen. When I handed them to him, I saw his face light up with lustful anticipation. When I found the pen I asked for the stockings back, then I asked him in a very playful way, if they were the right ones. He smiled back and said he would need to see them on me to make that decision. I asked him to name the time and place, and that was when he told me he would follow me home if that was ok. OK, hell yeah, my pussy was dripping wet from the entire seduction that I carefully executed on him.

As I was driving home, I called Jimmy and told him I was bringing home company and asked him if it was ok to be a naughty slut wife. Of course he said yes! As soon as the coach and I entered the condo I excused myself to the bathroom to dress up in the black lingerie. Jimmy had just gotten home when I entered into the living room to show to the coach the black outfit I had purchased with him in mind. The coach then grabbed my hand and escorted me into the bedroom. I asked the coach to close the bedroom door, as I thought it would be more exciting to him if it were just he and I, and that my husband Jimmy would get the play-by-play later when it was his turn to ravish his used slut wife's body. When the coach started eating out my pussy, I noticed that Jimmy had grabbed the video camera and was right behind the coach, apparently Jimmy had other ideas and listening and waiting from the other side of the bedroom door wasn't one of them. I was in such ecstasy that when Jimmy asked me if I was going to do an intro for the video, I had a brief moment of brain lapse. After I tried to compose myself enough to give you guys an intro, I went back to total feeling of ecstasy with the coach's tongue on my clit and his fingers fucking my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me really bad ASAP, so finally when he did, Jimmy was able to get great close-up shots of my pussy getting fucked. What was the result of a good fucking? A really good orgasm. Needless to say, when it was the coach's turn to cum, he enjoyed it so much that he just had to cum inside me in his condom. How could a girl resist fresh cum in a condom, so I squeezed it out and swallowed as much of it as I could, and it tasted really delicious. <p>Jimmy was so turned on by watching me be his naughty slut wife that he jumped on top of me as soon as the coach was done using me. Jimmy loved watching me swallow the coach's cum so when it was his turn to cum, he had me sit up and swallow his cum as it shot out of the tip of his cock and into my mouth. I had been at the gym earlier and remembered my trainer telling me to get plenty of protein, so I guess in my next training session, I can tell him just how much I had. I think I just came up with my next sexual seduction, wish me luck!!

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