Shopping for interracial fun!

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Description: Shopping For Interracial Fun is just another example of what usually happens when I go to the mall, or in this case, electronics store wearing one of my very short black skirts with no panties! (I can't tell you the name of the store, but it's a national electronics store that uses a blue box with gold trim for there advertising.) It all started when I once again went holiday shopping by myself to buy presents for the kids and Jimmy. While checking out this year's new stuff at the electronics store for Jimmy, I got sidetracked not by a guy, but by the latest keyboard equipment. So as I examined one keyboard that just had my undivided attention, I soon realized that a cute guy standing beside me had his eyes on the same thing. We began to make small talk after he had introduced himself as "Lex" (not his real name of course) and I soon realized that we had a lot in common with music. I began to flirt as our conversation parted away from music to other areas, if you know what I mean. Maybe I was flirting just a bit much as I was bending over to look at some of the keyboard accessories on the shelf below, but I know as he was talking to me a few times he had stuttered a bit and I could feel his eyes checking out my exposed ass and pussy.

Anyhow, I was so awed by the 'click' I experienced with Lex that I had asked him to follow me home so that I could get a piece of his BBC. On the way home, I first called Jimmy to let him know I was about to be naughty and to get the camera ready, and then second my pussy was so excited that I had to give myself an orgasm just before getting home. When I arrived home Jimmy was already prepared to film my sweet BBC encounter. I was in such a mood to please Lex's BBC that it didn't take long for me to get him to shoot that wet sticky cum of his all over my tits. After Lex had cum he apologized for not making me reach an orgasm (but as you know I had orgasmed in the car just before having arrived home, so I didn't mind). But needless to say, after he shot his load on me and I licked it all off, I was so horny all over again that Lex just had to give me an orgasm after the camera stopped rolling. I hope you enjoy watching what happens when I bring this hot black guy back home for some hardcore interracial fun!!


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