An elegant fuck

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Description: I hope you all like the fact that I can be spontaneous even when getting ready to attend a wedding! You see, this video was taken about 1 hr before we had to be at Jimmy's Cousin's Wedding. I was in our bedroom putting the finishing touches on my makeup, when Jimmy came in and wanted to get some before we had to go. We only had about half an hour left before needing to be heading out the door, so I was a little bit hesitant to give in to his lustful needs. Jimmy hadn't even showered yet so I knew once again we would be late to one of his family functions, and a wedding is no place to be fashionably late.

He tried very hard to seduce me into letting him ravish my body, which was fine with me too, but I didn't want him knowing that I would give into his sexual desire, until I had him begging like a puppy dog. I was so damn horny from the evening prior not to mention what had transpired that morning that I too needed to reach orgasm before attending a very long Catholic Wedding. I should tell you that the evening prior, Jimmy and I went to a sports bar and I ended up flirting my way to enjoying two very well endowed cocks. I even had them sleep over, in part due to them drinking too much, or was it that it seemed too late to be driving home, no, I think it was so that I might actually get another go around with the two of them as Jimmy watched me be a slut once again, yeah, I think that might be it!!! But let me get back to this adventure.

I finally gave into Jimmy's desires and both of us ended up needing showers before the wedding. Yes, we were late, but no one even saw us enter the church and take seats in the back. Once at the reception, one of the bartenders asked me why I had a wet spot on the back of my dress (it seems that when I was sitting at the church, more of Jimmy's cum ran out of my pussy and ended making a noticeable wet spot on my dress!) When I told the bartender what it was from and the fact that I had no panties on, I was soon made to prove the fact, which I did and once again I was naughty with new cock!! Later I had found out Jimmy set the whole thing up with the bartender, but you think I care ;) I hope you all really enjoy the awesome "creampie" at the end!

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