Caught playing with a toy

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Description: I get asked all the time if I can do a video that features me playing with toys. The reason so many of you ask me to do this sort of video is that it would allow for many close-ups of my pussy. Well for all those that have sent me emails requesting such a video, this one is for you! Please keep in mind that when I started this little adventure, that I thought would just be a private one-on-one session with my new vibrator and I, I never thought I would be caught by Jimmy, whom I thought was out and about attending to chores he had planned for the day. You can see in the video my reaction to him bursting into our bathroom in which I had previously locked!

It turned out that Jimmy was indeed attending to his chores, but needed to come inside to wash his hands after spilling oil on them while cleaning out our garage. He stated that when he came into the condo, he heard a buzzing sound coming from our bedroom, and after investigating the noise, which turned out to be coming from our master bedroom bathroom, he knew it was me playing with a new toy I had purchased the day before. So he went to get the camera to catch on film my reaction to being caught masturbating. I really didn't mind him watching me play with my new toy, but I did have a problem with him teasing me with it. I had been so close to reaching an orgasm, prior to him catching me, that all I wanted to do was get over the edge and indulge that ecstasy state of pure bliss! After promising Jimmy a blowjob if he just let me orgasm, he let me be as he caught on camera, one of my SEVEN orgasms of the day!!!!!!! Ladies, get yourself one of these toys, as I can honestly say it rates a 10+++
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