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Description: Well, as many of you already know: I AM A SOCCER MOM! To make that point even more clear, this video shows that not only do I attend the weekend soccer games at the town's rec fields, but that I assist the coach with all of his pre-game needs. Now let me back up and tell you how this whole soccer mom thing got started. I'm not going to go into much detail on the first time I laid eyes on my son's soccer coach, but I will say I had an immediate sexual attraction to him in those coach's shorts he wears to all the practices and games.

When a letter went out to all the moms asking for a "Team Soccer Mom" for the planning of after game snacks and such, I had my chance of really flirting with the coach. I found it funny that the coach would actually call the letter \"Team Soccer Mom\". The very next practice I went up to the coach to let him know that I would be glad to take on this role of \"Soccer Mom\". I then flirted with him by asking him if I could get the official title of Soccer Mom. We both laughed at the double meaning of it and that was when the real flirting began. I told the coach I would be more than happy to assist him any time, pre-game or post game, to massage his muscles as I know that the game of soccer is very strenuous on the muscles. I can tell you this; he was all too excited to accept that offer. But after we laughed for a bit, I told him we should go over to his place so that I could interview for the job and show him all my skills. We did just that, and I did show all of my skills and assets… he-he, which landed me the job and title of "Soccer Mom".

Since that very sexual meeting, we have gotten together not every game, but close to it. This video shows one of the last times we got together, not that it will be the last, but the only one we did with Jimmy and "the camera" present. I hope you all enjoy watching me earn the title of "SOCCER MOM"!!!

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