7th inning stretch!

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Description: I am probably unlike most women out there, due to my love of baseball! I especially love to watch my husband's baseball games. I love the fact that all the guys are fit, ok, most of the guys; I love the fact that they sweat and look so damn athletic as they all try and act like they are back in high school. I love the way they talk and cheer for one another; although sometimes when the game isn't going in their favor they can get pretty down on each other too (that part I don't like to see, but even that can sometimes get pretty funny with the name calling). Anyway, what I love most of all is the way it brings out the testosterone in the guys. Not only do I get pretty horny looking at these guys (as I try to watch the game, I often let my mind wander and imagine the entire baseball team gangbanging me one player after the other... like that hasn't happened... hehe) but I think I can honestly say the guys often get pretty horny looking at me in my short shorts or short mini-skirts, which leads me to explaining how this video actually happened.
First off let me apologize for the poor video quality, this video was actually shot with a video camera that Jimmy uses to assess the team's performance (don't ask, but I will say these guys think they still have what it takes to someday get a phone call from "Steinbrenner" Himself... NOT!!!!!!). We don't bring our HD Video camera out unless we plan on doing a naughty video, which on this particular day was the last thing we ever thought we would be doing. After the game, which Jimmy's Team won, Jimmy and I stuck around to clean up. During our cleanup of the dugout, Jimmy told me I should be naked. I told him to watch what he asked for due to me being very horny and wet between the legs. He laughed and that was all it took for me to start undressing.
At first Jimmy was afraid someone would come back to the dugout area and catch us doing the naughty, but all that diminished as I pulled down his pants and started sucking on his hard cock. After a short blowjob, Jimmy decided with me being naked already, it was time to give me that hard cock of his in my wanting wet pussy! While Jimmy was pounding my wet pussy with his cock you should hear the noise it made as it echoed in the dugout. Let's just say, anyone in ear range of that dugout heard me getting fucked real good. Watch as I catch Jimmy's "HOMERUN" all over my back!

Jimmy Sinclair

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