Can I tease you?

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Description: Can I tease you? This video shows the sexy little dress I decided to wear to tease not only Jimmy, but also an entire film crew. The hosts of the new Playboy TV show, E'rotic, asked me to put on something that I would wear to flash men at a nightclub. I had the perfect dress in mind, so I excused myself and went upstairs to our bedroom and made a quick wardrobe change. I neglected to wear panties and bra so that I could have some fun, knowing that the hosts were not expecting me to be Pantiless. When I came down the stairs I noticed that the entire film crew was directly in back of Jimmy which made it even more fun to flash my sexy bottom. I had a wild crush on the producer as I found him to be the most athletic and most handsome of all the men on hand, and let me tell you this, there were plenty of them. There was the two young hosts, the camera men, the producer, a screen writer (why he was there we still don't know, but we think he was there in case we got boring and needed to add something to the show to make it worth viewing, something anyone who knows us will know is not the case), a couple of assistants, and last but not least the assistant producer of the show.

So anyway, getting back to the teasing, I started down the stairs and immediately started to do my teasing by flashing my pussy and landing strip. I looked right at the young hosts as I showed them first and then glanced over at the Producer to see if he was getting a nice view of what I had to offer him. He smiled and I smiled back as in a way to say: ANYTIME YOU WANT! I guess this video is a bit tame from what you are a custom to me posting on the site, but I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless. In the video we had to cut out any shots we had of the others, but you will notice I look at them throughout! I love teasing, and I love to be watched as I cum, talk about having your cake and eating it too!
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