Public quickie in the rain

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Description: I had such a wet experience in more ways than one during this latest adventure. You see, I actually met a member locally and visited him at the college he works at during his lunch break. His thirty minute lunch break limited us to just a quickie out on the campus grounds. Thinking the spot on the grass he had suggested would be secluded, it was not. We were in fact interrupted several times by people walking their dogs, new students circling the campus trying to get out of the rain, and campus security patrolling the grounds. So not only was I extremely wet from the anticipation of getting fucked on our blanket, along with the chance of being caught in the action, but also from the weather that decided to get all of us wet. All in all, a quickie with my new member and a fuck by Jimmy afterwards in the rain made me one wet girl from head to toe!

Lucky Guy

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