Serviced by store clerk

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Description: Like any woman, I love shopping! I especially love to shop where customer service is given from very hot looking sales clerks. This last shopping experience you could say I was really treated to some great customer service. You see, Jimmy and I were going by one of our favorite stores when I realized that it would be a great opportunity to run in and get a few things we needed. I remembered Jimmy telling me we were getting low on videotapes for our video camera, not to mention we needed blank DVD's. We pulled into the store's parking lot as Jimmy received a phone call on his cell phone. I asked him if he wanted me to wait for him or just go in and get the few things we needed. He told me to just go ahead and that he would be in soon; he also told me to behave myself and not be too naughty. Oh yeah, did I mention I was wearing a very short mini with no panties as well as a sheer tube top without any bra underneath. I was also very horny!

Once inside I went immediately to the camera section to get the blank tapes we needed. As I was looking at the different brands, a sales clerk approached me and asked if I needed help with anything. I had noticed he was a good looking guy as he approached, so without even thinking about it, I bent over to reach the tapes on the lower shelf exposing to the sales clerk my bare bottom! I knew he saw everything as the skirt was very short and I felt it rise as I bent over. I looked at the sales clerk once I had straightened up and noticed he was blushing. He asked if I needed help finding the right tapes, as he explained that there are so many different kinds. I told him that I use them often, and then as I smiled in a mischievous way, I told him that actually it was my husband that used the tapes. He bought right into what I wanted him to say, and without hesitation asked what my husband used them for. I explained to him that my husband videotaped me having naughty times. He then told me that many people use their video cameras to record themselves having sex. I couldn't take it any more, so I then just came right out and told him, yeah, but my husband tapes me having sex with other men!! "WOW" is all the sales clerk could say.

I then asked him if maybe he would like to be video taped by my husband. "Having sex with you?" he asked. "Yeah, with me!" I replied, and then I added, "How about right now?" "Well I'm about to go on my lunch break. Can you give me five minutes?" he asked. I then showed him my tits when I knew nobody but him was looking. I told him I would be outside waiting in my car as I explained where I was parked. After I checked out, I went to the car where Jimmy was waiting. I explained to Jimmy what I had done and he couldn't believe it. After waiting for only a couple of minutes, the sales clerk came out and jumped in the truck. What I liked about this adventure was that the sales clerk only had thirty minutes to have his way with me and as you will see in the video, he made his short time productive by cumming not once, but twice, talk about an erotic adventure.

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