Caught at friend's house

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Description: It all started when I went out clubbing with Sara, one of my good friends, to celebrate her new job. Sara is not one of my more wild friends, so when she started drinking one martini after another, I knew I was going to have to find another ride home. Sara lives in walking distance from the dance club, so I knew in a worst case scenario, I could just crash at her place until Jimmy could pick me up (he was out with the guys, so I would have to wait till he too got home to get our vehicle). About an hour before closing time, I had someone's hand reach under my little dress and feel my bare pussy (you know me... no panties). When I turned to see who it was, I smiled when I found out it was Shaun. After dancing to a few songs, I asked Shaun if I could get a ride home from him. He replied with a smile and a little smirk, then asked me if I wanted to go to his place first. <p>You see, Shaun knows all too well about Jimmy and I and our naughty lifestyle. I of course accepted and then called Jimmy to let him know where I would be. Jimmy asked if he could come over to catch it all on video, so after asking Shaun if he minded, I told Jimmy not to hesitate getting there as Shaun and I were not going to wait for his arrival to start having some fun! Jimmy took his time getting there, or at least it seemed that way, because Shaun and I had enough time for one go around before Jimmy knocked on the door. When Jimmy finally got there, he was treated to watching me thoroughly enjoying another BBC! This video shows how much Jimmy enjoys watching me satisfying another's cock, especially when he gets his turn to use my stretched out pussy. If you listen closely, you can even hear Jimmy say that he could hardly feel my pussy wrapped around his cock due to me being so stretched out by Shaun's Cock! Now watch me as I get a cum bath by both Shaun and Jimmy!

Shaun VanDamme

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