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Description: I often write in my Daily Diary of flashing at clubs and sports bars, but it’s not often I actually get to continue those stories with actual video footage. This video was one that ended not the way I had planned at the start, but does feature a guy I met while flashing at one of those naughty sports bar outings. Meet Gavin, a guy I not only exchanged telephone numbers with, but also gave a blowjob to in the parking lot while my hubby Jimmy was inside the sports bar enjoying the end of one of the Sunday football games. I really didn’t think this guy would ever call me (usually guys don’t if us girls give it up so easy on the first date), but I was pleasantly surprised when he had called and actually asked if he could make a “Porno” with me for my website. You see, we had talked while at the sports bar about the fact I was an amateur web starlet, and that I enjoy a lot of naughty times on and off camera. That was in part due to my husband verifying to Gavin that he wouldn’t be a jealous or pissed off husband if I went out to the car with Gavin for a quick sexual act, in this case, a blowjob.

Anyway, Gavin and I had talked on the phone a couple days prior to him stopping by to shoot a “Porno” for my website. The part I really want to express to you, is the fact that although I had the bedroom all set up with lighting, I had not told my hubby Jimmy about Gavin stopping by to shoot a naughty vid with me, as I thought it would be extremely erotic to actually capture the sexual adventure with Gavin, and show hubby the secret meeting after Gavin had left my pussy loose, and covered in Cum. In fact, Jimmy was actually outside in the backyard doing some landscaping. The part that wasn’t planned was that Gavin thought we were actually going to shoot a real “Porno” with a cameraman and everything, so I had to go outside and ask hubby to stop what he was doing and come upstairs to help me solve a problem I had.

What hubby thought was an interruption from his landscaping chore for a midday sexual pleasure of his horny wife, was actually just an interruption to be a cameraman for one of his naughty wife’s midday sexual adventures with some “New Cock!” I don’t think Gavin watches a lot of porn on the net, as he would’ve known that we are an amateur adult website that actually puts real videos of our sexual adventures up for all to see, and he would’ve known that we don’t always have the convenience of having a cameraman. In the end, Gavin and I had an enjoyable time in front of the camera, and hubby got to watch it live instead of watching it after the fact, like you are right now. Enjoy!

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