Playing in the park leads to orgasm

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Description: A sunny Day, with a little bit of wind, makes for the perfect day to go out in my little mini skirt outfit and do some flashing. Ever since Jimmy and I moved out West, which was only a few days ago, I have been in a constant state of horniness. This may be due to the constant great weather, or just the fact I am in a new place that has the tropical feel with palm trees all over, but one thing is for sure and that is I never leave home without my little vibrator. This outing that you are about to see is just one of those times that I speak of. On Jimmy's day off from work, we decided to go check out some of the neighborhood parks. Before we even left the house, Jimmy asked if I had on any panties beneath the short and sheer mini skirt. Why? He knows I never wear panties, so I asked him what kind of dumb question that was. I also told him that in my pocketbook I had one of my mini vibrators, which caused him to return inside the house to get his cameras.

When he returned, he put the cameras in the middle console between the seats and smiled as he asked if he could videotape me using the toy in the park. Again, why did he ask this? Of course I would let him! What kind of exhibitionist do you think I am? After we arrived at the first park, Jimmy got out his camera and started taping me teasing him as I looked out for some guys to flash. The first spot was kind of dead, so we walked a little bit farther to where there were a lot more park goers, including a bunch of college guys (of whom one of them was celebrating his birthday by throwing a huge party). I started out by innocently flashing for the camera as the college guys looked in our direction, then as they noticed Jimmy with the camera, they seemed to get more interested and even walked closer to us. When I started to really get excited with the knowledge that they had their eyes on me, I pulled out my little vibrator and started to play with my self right there in the park, in plain view of anyone who walked by.

Needless to say it didn't take me long to orgasm, as I was just too excited to hold back the sexual feeling I had built up between my legs. When I was done with my orgasm, I wasn't done teasing the guys just yet and so I flashed throughout the park, knowing all the time that the guys were walking all over the place to get more glimpses of my bare bottom and exposed tits. It was when Jimmy couldn't take it any more we headed back to our truck to find a location to release Jimmy's sexual tension (we didn't video tape that part, due to the lack of proper lighting and space to film... we could always use a second video guy if anyone wants to volunteer for the job). I will also add that when Jimmy and I were leaving the park I did manage to get an invite back to the birthday party, which is another adventure I will need to write about in the story section. Did I mention that I just love being in our new place? ;)
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