Boytoy fun turns exhibitionist

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Description: I love showing off my body in public places as many of you know, so when Jimmy and I decided to go dancing with my boy-toy Matt, I knew I had to dress in one of my shortest mini dresses I own. The black mini dress I decided to wear was nothing short of being compared to a top that most women would wear with a set of tight pants. When I actually showed Jimmy and Matt what I had decided to wear out that night dancing, you can imagine the smiles both men had on their faces. I showed off a lot on the dance floor and when Matt and I started to really get into dirty dancing, which included fondling each other in view of anybody who glanced into our direction, I'm sure they noticed I wasn't wearing any panties, as Matt at times had my dress up around my hips, exposing not only my bare ass, but pussy as well.

When I came to the side of the dance floor to get something to drink, Jimmy was talking to a couple I had seen dancing next to Matt and I on the dance floor. They smiled as Jimmy introduced Matt and I to them. It turns out they had watched us from afar first, but couldn't believe the scene they were seeing from a distance was actually happening, so they had to get closer to see if in fact I was exposing my body for all to see. It was when they were dancing close to Matt and I that they noticed Jimmy watching ever so intently. They exited the dance floor at that point and walked over to Jimmy. That was when they discovered that Jimmy was in fact my husband, and the guy I was dancing with was actually my boy-toy Matt. Jimmy explained to them that I was a bit of an exhibitionist, and that I loved to show off. It was also at that point that Jimmy explained to them I was actually a porn-star. I couldn't believe it when they said they knew who I was, but didn't know for fact if it was indeed I… Barbi Sinclair.

Anyway, when they explained to us that they had a room and would love for us to join them upstairs to continue our naughtiness, I looked at Jimmy first then Matt, and all were in agreement to accept the offer. Once upstairs in their hotel room, Jimmy asked them if they would mind if we taped the adventure for our website. When they agreed to let us tape, that is when the hot stuff really happened, as you are about to see if you haven't all ready. This video has a photo set that kind of goes with it, check out: "Voyeur Modeling." I teased all of them as I modeled for Jimmy's camera, and when it came time to continue my naughty fun with Matt, well lets just say, they were all horny as hell. When Matt and I had finished our little show for this couple and you, we all enjoyed a swinging good time. I only wish this couple had not been camera shy, cause it was hot as hell! Maybe next time I can find a couple that won't mind having a naughty adventure caught on film!

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