Busted in convenience store

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Description: This naughty adventure you are about to witness has always been a fantasy of mine until now, with the exception of whom I'm actually giving a blowjob to, that is! My fantasy has always been to capture on film myself giving a blowjob in a public restroom of a gas station/convenience store to my husband Jimmy. You see, the deal was that I was to enter the public restroom first as Jimmy followed me minutes later. Well, much to my dismay, he took too long and so I picked up a complete stranger who happened to be inside the convenience store and took him to the restroom with me after I promised him that I would blow him. When Jimmy finally showed up to the restroom, he was shocked that I wasn't in there alone. So what was he to do? Film another Sexcapade of mine giving a blowjob and handjob to a complete stranger. Unfortunately, the owner of the gas station/convenience store suspected that there were three people in the public restroom and that something was going on, and so started knocking at the door and threatened that he was going to call the police.

As much as I didn't want to get busted, I was determined to finish what I had started despite several interruptions of people knocking on the door. With my experienced mouth and hand skills, I was able to make the stranger bust all over my tits. Oh-yeah, when we exited the public bathroom, the owner was there waiting. I did the speaking for our little group, and told the owner (who seemed really nice after I talked to him) that we all had spilt oil on ourselves and that it took forever to clean off. I also told him that we thought we could all use the restroom together to speed things up. The owner turned out to be a cool guy, and we laughed about what he thought was going on in his bathroom... if only he knew he was right!

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