Dancing leads to daytime fun

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Description: I love dancing pantiless at nightclubs, and sometimes I never know what is going to happen when I do so. This particular night when Jimmy and I went out to the nightclub, I was a little disappointed that I hadn't brought anyone home that night. However, I had a chance to flirt and dance with guys as Jimmy watched from afar. There was this one hot stud that was dancing with his girlfriend next to me. I badly teased him with my pussy by hiking up my dress as I danced lower to the floor. He purposely turned his girlfriend's back to me so that she wouldn't see what I was doing and so that he would get the full view of my exposed pussy. I can't say I hadn't danced with other guys because I in fact did, but my interest was mainly in the guy with his girlfriend. As she made a quick solo exit off the dance floor to powder her nose, I discreetly handed the stud my phone number after he nonchalantly danced with me with a bit of distance between us so that he wouldn't get caught when his girlfriend got back. Once she came back, they left immediately after.

Nothing exciting occurred that night in regards to me fucking anyone until the very next day. Yes, and you wouldn't believe who! The same guy who left with his girlfriend! He called me up the next day to let me know that he wanted to fuck me, as he broke up with his girl. Too bad it hadn't worked out for the both of them, but lucky for me I guess. Needless to say, my pussy became so wet from the excitement of him wanting to fuck me, as I really wanted his cock, that I couldn't wait for him to arrive fast enough, literally. Anyway, what you will see in this steamy video is my lust for new cock, again. I'm such a slut, lol.

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