Going down in the elevator

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Description: Hubby caught me with the video camera once again when I was just chillin' and relaxing. I admit I already had some naughty thoughts race through my head before he interrupted me, but one of those thoughts involved me giving head and getting fucked in our very own elevator! We've never done anything in there, and Jimmy couldn't fathom what spot in our house we hadn't filmed, as it's just because we don't really use the elevator. So, I decided to dress up in sexy lingerie and surprise him by having him follow my voice once I was in there. So, as you can see in this video, I very much enjoyed giving head while going down in the elevator, not to mention getting fucked, despite the limited space our elevator has. What got pretty damn erotic was talking about when we have guy friends over for a game or something, I can pick up a guy at one floor in the elevator, have him fuck me in there, and then just have him get off at the 'done' floor. It would sort of be like a gangbang, but individual consecutive fucking. So you figure, if we have 5-10 guys over, that's definitely a gangbang! The fun part would be to finally have hubby fuck my used pussy, in the elevator of course. :)

Jimmy Sinclair

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