Boytoy cums again

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Description: This video is the second time Jimmy got to see me with my new boy toy! Ever since I met Jay (my boy toy) while registering for college classes, I have had nothing but fun times at school. We often get together for some fun either before class or after, but either way I always return home with one very wet and loose pussy for my husband Jimmy to use! We have used the back seat of Jay's car, the passenger's seat in my car and even used a hotel for one of our meets, which occurred when we skipped one of our classes (shame on us!). It made Jimmy's day when I told him Jay was coming over to our place before class to have some fun on camera. I think Jay too was looking forward to it, as I know he likes the idea of others watching him fuck a married slut. Sometimes he will even park the car in a location where we might easily get caught by fellow college students while he has his way with me on the back seat of his car. Well I hope you too will enjoy the video, and if you happen to be in any of my college courses, please don't hesitate in telling me you know my secret.

Lucky Guy

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