Good to the last drop

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Description: I decided to relieve myself of my sexual tension before going out with Karen by using my Hitachi Wand. Jimmy was still at work, so I thought I'd leave him a nice video of myself getting off, which he could view when he got home from work, as I would already be gone by then. I was proud of myself for setting up the camera on the tripod and having the remote handy to give some close-ups of my pussy as I played with myself. I had the window opened by my chair I sat in, so I really hadn't realized that everything was audible for my neighbors to hear, including my moans and the motor of my favorite portable vibrating toy.

After I reached an incredible self-satisfying orgasm, Jimmy surprised me when he entered our bedroom and caught me getting myself off. Apparently he had come home to change his pair of sneakers and to quickly grab a bite to eat. Needless to say, he was induced to thinking about some sexual pleasure before he would ever even think of heading back to work. I often have that kind of control on him… I call it the "Power Of The Pussy!" and so I couldn't resist but give Jimmy a quick blowjob before he had to go back to work. What made it funny was that once he realized I had the tape rolling, he figured he would add to it to really give him something to watch on film. I would have allowed him to fuck my pussy, but I wanted to leave my pussy as tight as possible for the potential opportunity of Karen and I finding some hot stud or studs we could pick up and have fun with.

Needless to say, Jimmy's quick blowjob resulted in him exploding his river of cum in my mouth. I almost gagged on the quantity of it, and couldn't help but swallow some of it because it wouldn't stay in my mouth. When I opened my mouth full of his cum, it was so thick that it ran out onto my hand. What was I to do but lick all of it to the last drop. This video was honestly meant for personal use just for Jimmy, but I decided to post it to show you the amount of cum I swallowed! I think all of you that love to see me swallow cum, will enjoy this one!

Barbi Sinclair

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