Orally punishing cuckold husband

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Description: This is one video that some might think should've had a different title, as punishing Jimmy by making him cum, seems anything but punishment. But the real punishment would come after his orgasm, as he watched his pretty wife dressed in slut wear, walk out the door to head to a dance club without him. It all started when we were at the beach earlier in the day, and Jimmy checked out many women in bikinis. It seemed to me that, he was there with me, and therefore all his attention should have been to me, that and I too had on a small bikini that showed lots of skin. I planned my revenge when my best friend asked if I wanted to go out dancing with her that night. I got dressed in one of my best \"slut available for fun\" dresses and told Jimmy I was heading out to a dance club, and it would be without him.

Jimmy in the end didn't care about his naughty slut wife going out to be naughty, but he asked for some pleasure of his own before I left. He wanted my pussy but I told him I was saving it for new cock and that he would have to settle with a blowjob. When it seemed to be taking him longer than normal to cum, I threatened him I was going to stop and just go out without finishing what I had started. He then gave in and came all over his shirt. He wanted me to swallow it all, but I didn't want to have cum breath while making out with the lucky stud I was going to seduce into a naughty adventure. Sorry Hunny!

Jimmy Sinclair

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