Running errands with Jimmy

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Description: I love to run errands with my husband Jimmy, especially when I dress sexy in a short mini skirt with no panties. The reason I like to dress this way, for one, it makes flashing other guys much easier, and second, I get to touch myself whenever possible, which in this case was most of the afternoon. I also love to tease my husband as he drives, by lifting up my short mini skirt and letting him see my trimmed landing strip. One thing I must add to teasing Jimmy and flashing the other male drivers on the road is that, I get really worked up sexually which sometimes leads to self satisfaction in the passenger's seat.

As you will soon see, this video has a little of everything I've talked about so far, with some cock sucking thrown in for good measure. I also must make a note that the "do-it-yourself" motto of the home improvement store, lends itself to man more than one pun. With Jimmy leaving me in the car as he ran into the home improvement store to get a few things, I got hornier with all the male studs walking in and out of the parking lot. So be it to me to let a good opportunity to play with myself in a public setting go to waste. Using the motto "Do-It-Yourself", I did just that and used my very own fingers to get the job done, which helped relieve my sexual tension. A few guys got to be voyeurs of my naughtiness, but no one was happier in the end than my own husband, who got to explode a large load of cum in my mouth as I sucked him off in the same parking lot. The day didn't end there, as we still had several errands to make, including getting the car washed. You know how I get with the car detailers. Wow, I just remembered the car needs to be detailed again, so I will leave you here and begin another naughty adventure.

Jimmy Sinclair

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