Quiet but naughty

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Description: The name says it all, but if you need to know why we had to be so damn quiet, read on!! You see, Jimmy and I needed to visit some of my family members a few states away from where we live. I won't go into those boring details with you, but our plans where spontaneous, so we hadn't made any hotel reservations prior to going. I also thought that it being out of season for the tourist, that we would have no problems finding a hotel room once we arrived. We drove for seven hours to reach my Aunt's place, which was the first of many family stops we were going to make on the trip. Upon arriving, we were greeted by a lot of family members that live at my Aunt's place. My Aunt has a rather large estate that looks more like a bed & breakfast than a home.

Anyway, my Aunt was glad to see us and immediately offered us a place to stay for the night. I didn't want to put her out, especially after seeing how many people were already staying there for the night, so I told her we would just get a room at a nearby hotel. Most of you probably have family members like my Aunt and know that you will never win that argument! So when it was time to head for bed, we ended up in the family room on a pullout sofa. I thought we would just make the bed and go to sleep, but Jimmy had other plans, as you can see! I knew that if we were to play around, we would have to be extremely quiet due to family sleeping in nearby rooms. To make the matter even worse, the family room had a door, but no lock, so anyone could have opened it right up and seen us going at it. I didn't realize we had been so giggly until Jimmy showed me the video when we got back home. I guess I should have known better since Jimmy had been drinking cognac all night, and I had been drinking wine spritzers. I hope all of you not only enjoy the video to reach orgasm, but also get a laugh out of it as well!
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