Barbi after hours

  • Duration: 20:30
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Description: This week I was a wild girl from head to toe. Do you remember my interracial gangbang video from a few weeks ago? Remember when Big Max introduced the first guy who had a piece of me? Well, I met up with him again after that experience. His name is P. Boogie, and Jimmy and I went to a dance club where P. Boogie DJ's. I displayed my wild nature on the dance floor as he played some wild music. I danced with about four different guys who took turns fingering my pussy and made me cum right there on the dance floor. With all that excitement taking place, I was watched like a hawk by P. Boogie. I knew he wanted a piece of me again as soon as possible, but without all the other guys. As much fun as I was having, I couldn't wait to bring him home to have one lustful fuck. Finally, when I did, watch out! My horny wild nature had not subsided the rest of the night, so P. Boogie had to do everything to keep up with me. Watch the video to see if he was able to!!!
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