Sunny Day Ecstasy

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Description: Jimmy and I decided it was a nice day to venture out to an old warehouse that we had found while biking one day. It was a perfect sunny day for taking a walk, not too humid and just a little breeze. Once we reached the old warehouse, I decided to treat Jimmy to my naked body. So I stripped out of my clothes of course all the time teasing Jimmy as he took some pics of me for the site. This place was just too erotic. It was just off a common bike route and you could see the bikers going by, nonetheless though, I got naked to enjoy the freedom of such a sunny and delightful day!

What Jimmy wasn't expecting, was that I was going to seduce him into fucking me right there in the main doorway that faced the bike trail. I love being watched, as if you didn't know that all ready!!!! But In all honesty, I didn't think that the bike trail would be as busy as it was that early in the season. As Jimmy was fucking me, I was checked out by several guys riding by. Thank god it was during school times or I wouldn't have even dared do such a thing with the chance that some kids might be on the trail. I know the video is one of my short ones, but with all the excitement of being watched, it didn't take Jimmy long to shoot his cum all over my tits and leg. I hope you all enjoy that cum shot. I had to walk back to the car with it all over me, next time I guess I should be prepared. Oh, and as I'm writing this, I'm about ready to go to a black gangbang party with yours truly the guest of honor, so be on the lookout for that video!!!! Hugs & Blowjobs, Barbi
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