Acting neighborly is rewarding!

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Description: Everyone knows that it is always nicer to be neighborly than not. But in my case it is a challenge not to strip naked and run over my neighbors house to borrow a cup of sugar every time I see him get out of his car, especially if I see him in his workout attire. You see, as many of you already know by other posts to the site, Zeb, my neighbor, is one hot and very sexy, not to mention muscular stud! To say I hit the eye-candy jackpot when I found out he was my neighbor is an understatement, seeing how many times I have already used his muscular body for my own enjoyment... ok, maybe he gets something in return too ;)

Anyhow, Zeb has come to be one of our great neighbors and friends, so when he has something he needs my female opinion on (you know, seeing how he is single, he looks for my advice on what attracts women), he will often stop by unannounced, which is perfectly ok with me ;) This particular time, Zeb wanted my opinion on a set of shorts his sponsorship sent him for his Body-Building competition he had coming up. The sponsor sent him several shorts in various colors, so he wanted my opinion on color, and what he really wanted to know from my woman's opinion, was if I thought they were hot? Of course I thought the shorts were hot, but what I wanted in return from having to look at this magnificent being was body-to-body contact! I tried to seduce him by touching his muscles, and when I thought I had the timing right, I began to rub his shorts at the exact location of his growing muscle... the only muscle I had my attention on since he began stripping off his workout attire to show me the same shorts I now wanted removed for my own sexual pleasure.

After Zeb lifted me up into his arms, he carried me up the stairs and into my bedroom, all along as my cuckold husband taped the sexual adventure, hoping to be able to watch his naughty slut wife be ravaged by this muscular stud (or at least I wanted him to think that.. hehe)! In the end, I didn't exactly get what I wanted, which was Zeb's hard muscle deep in my wet and very aroused love canal, but I did have one very satisfying orgasm! I returned the oral stimulation on Zeb, which resulted the same effect as I had previously encountered... a mind blowing orgasm! You are probably asking why I didn't have Zeb use my pussy to relieve the built up sexual tension in his manhood, but the question was not why I didn't have him use me, but why he choose to be satisfied with only a blow-job? And the answer to that question, was, he wanted to save his energy for his work-out, which at this point in his pre-competition disposition, he needs more than anything to stimulate muscle growth. I promise the next time you see Zeb on this site... he will be playing: Hide The Hard Muscle In Barbi!

But until then, I hope you enjoy this video ;)

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