Club pickup comes home

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Description: This video is the result of dressing in slut wear and heading out to a dance club in search of being naughty. Jimmy tells me that when I ever came out of the bedroom wearing this almost totally revealing dress, which I later found out was made of sheer material, he almost came in his pants knowing that we were heading out for a fun night on the town. I knew I wanted to be naughty before we ever left the house, which is why I chose to wear this particular mini dress.

When we entered the dance club it was earlier than we thought, which meant there wasn't as many people as usual. We had no problem finding a place at the bar to sit and have a drink. Jimmy decided he wanted to get me intoxicated to bring out the wilder side in me (all it really takes to get me a little tipsy is two glasses of champagne) so he ordered a bottle of champagne for the two of us. When I was done with my first glass, I spotted two guys looking at me in a very lustful way. They appeared to be single and older than I am usually attracted to, but I got excited knowing they were trying to see if I had worn any panties. I turned my seat more in their direction and gradually uncrossed my legs giving them an unobstructed view of my bare pussy. I gave them a few minutes to notice and admire the free view I was innocently providing them, before I turned to look at them, catching them in their glances as I smiled at them in a flirty way. They smiled back and then approached Jimmy and I. They made small talk with us, all the time looking down at my tits and pussy, before one of them asked me to dance (don't even ask me for his name because I don't remember).

I accepted the offer and walked with him to the dance floor that now had a ton of people on it. I don't know what the other guy said to Jimmy or if Jimmy told him to join us, but after the first song, the other gentleman joined his friend and I on the dance floor. It was hot dancing with the two of them as my dress rode up exposing my pussy to anyone who wanted to look, not to mention my tits kept on popping out of the top of the mini-dress. I had several times looked over at Jimmy and notice he was truly getting off by my "SLUT WIFE ACTIONS" (he loves it when I expose my self like I was on that dance floor). I danced with these two guys for several songs, allowing them to feel my pussy and tits as I dirty danced with each of them, until I noticed a Black guy looking at me as if he was fucking me right there on the dance floor. WOW! Talk about HOT!!!!!!!! I motioned for him to come closer and dance with me. He came right over and I turned my full attention on him, leaving the other guys to feel left out which led to them exiting the dance floor. I danced the same way with this guy, whose name turned out to be Pete, allowing him too to feel me all over. He went a little farther than the other two guys, and before I knew it he was sticking his fingers in my soaking wet pussy making me go weak in the knees from the incredible feeling of being satisfied. It wasn't too long before he had me reaching an orgasm right there in view of everyone (talk about an erotic moment!).

That was when he asked if we could take it further somewhere more comfortable and private. I explained to him that I was in fact married and if he was ok with my husband watching, we could definitely go back to my place for some real fun. When we got home I asked him if we could video tape the adventure we were about to partake, he said yes, but that he couldn't have his face shown anywhere on the site. Now enjoy the video and I hope that every one of you finds it as satisfying as I did!!!!!!!

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