Hubby and friend win bet

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Description: I always say to myself that I will never engage myself in any bets, as the history with them always involves me losing. Well, I did it again. There is never any monetary instances involved with these bets, as it always has to do with pleasure, one way or another. Well, in this case, the bet I lost entailed me being a slut for the day for hubby and our friend Shaundam. Basically anything they wanted me to do I would have to do. This video shows me having to satisfy both these guys via a blowjob as I'm down on my hands and knees. The kicker was that we were going out after that, so whatever cum I hadn't swallowed that was left on my face or body would have to be left as is, dried and all, as we walked around in public. Although I was a bit pissed off, there was something erotic about it. Let's just say that my experience that day was truly a slutty one, as I: fucked, gave blowjobs, had BBC, swallowed cum, walked in public having the guys expose my tits and pussy, and last but not least, displaying a public image of dried cum on my face. Priceless!!

Shaun VanDamme

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